Psychology (PSYC)

PSYC 101 -  General Psychology  (3)  
Gen Ed Psychology  
Prerequisites: ENGL 70 or ENGL 75 or (ESOL 72 and ESOL 73) or ESOL 100  
(formerly PS 101)  

Emphasizes the major factors that influence human behavior, including behavioral neuroscience, perceptual processes, consciousness, intelligence, personality and psychological disorders.

PSYC 104 -  Issues of Drug/Alcohol Use  (3)  
Prerequisites: ENGL 70 or ENGL 75 or (ESOL 72 and ESOL 73) or ESOL 100  
(formerly PS 104)  

Presents a comprehensive study of the use of legal and illegal drugs; an analysis of the addictive and recovery process for individuals and families; a study of treatment modalities and 12-step groups; a study of the physiological and legal consequences of substance use and abuse.

PSYC 201 -  Developmental Psychology  (3)  
Prerequisite: PSYC 101 AND Prerequisite or Co-requisite: ENGL 101  

Explores central concepts related to human development throughout the life span from a chronological perspective. Discussion will focus on physical, socioemotional, and cognitive development during the various stages of life, from prenatal development through death. The course considers the interactional relationship between individuals and their environments. Major theoretical approaches to developmental psychology will expose the student to current thinking regarding both typical and atypical human growth outcomes. The course will also focus on class and current research in developmental psychology, including discussion of research methods utilized by developmentalists.

PSYC 202 -  Social Psychology  (3)  
Gen Ed Psychology  
Prerequisite: ENGL 101  
(formerly PS 202)  

Explores the effects of the social environment upon the human organism through the study of interpersonal relationships, and the social influences on cognitive processes such as social perception, attribution, persuasion, prejudice and discrimination, aggression, prosocial behavior and group interaction.

PSYC 204 -  Psychology of Adolescence  (3)  
Prerequisite: ENGL 101 and PSYC 101  
(formerly PS 204)  

Explores physiological, psychological and social dilemmas of the adolescent. Considers relevant contemporary research and behavioral determinants.

PSYC 205 -  Psychology of Aging  (3)  
Prerequisite or Co-requisite: ENGL 101  
(formerly PS 205)  

Introduces the normal physiological, psychological and sociological changes that occur during the life span. Emphasis on consequent behavior patterns and changing needs of the elderly. Includes study of adaptive processes, intervention techniques, strategies and availability of services.

PSYC 206 -  Abnormal Psychology  (3)  
Prerequisite: PSYC 101; Prerequisite or Co-requisite: ENGL 101  
(formerly PS 206)  

Explores the nature, etiology, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and possible prevention of the major classifications of psychological disorders including anxiety, mood, eating, substance-related, schizophrenic, dissociative, personality and childhood disorders.

PSYC 207 -  Death and Dying  (3)  
Prerequisite or Co-requisite: ENGL 101  
(formerly PS 207)  

Introduces the origins and development of death attitudes and behavior. Topics include euthanasia; suicide; grief and mourning processes; the funeral system; legal rights; and coping strategies. Emphasis on death as a normal developmental event.