MHEC Transfer Policies

Title 13B Maryland Higher Education Commission

Subtitle 06 General Education and Transfer, Chapter 02 Transfer Students and Transfer of Courses and Credits. Authority: Education Article, §11-105 and 11-207, Annotated Code of Maryland

COMAR 13B.06.02.01 (Purpose and Scope)

COMAR 13B.06.02.02 (Definitions)

COMAR 13B.06.02.03 (Institutional Policies and Responsibilities)

COMAR 13B.06.02.04 (Coordination Between Institutions and Segments)

COMAR 13B.06.02.05 (Information for Students)

COMAR 13B.06.02.06 (Admission of Transfer Students)

COMAR 13B.06.02.07 (Transfer of Courses and Credits Generally)

COMAR 13B.06.02.08 (Number of Credits Accepted for Transfer)

COMAR 13B.06.02.09 (Transfer of General Education Courses)

COMAR 13B.06.02.10 (Evaluation of Individual Course Equivalencies)

COMAR 13B.06.02.11 (Transfer of Previously Awarded Credit for Prior Learning)

COMAR 13B.06.02.12 (Establishment of Transferability)

COMAR 13B.06.02.13 (Program Transfer Agreements)

COMAR 13B.06.02.14 (Evaluation and Review Process for Transfer of Courses and Credits)