Physical Education (PHED)

PHED 100 -  Aerobics  (1)  
(formerly PE 131)  

Offers muscular and cardiovascular endurance exercises performed to music.

PHED 103 -  Body Sculpting  (1)  
(formerly PE 191)  

Offers muscular strength and endurance exercises through the use of free weights, balls, and resistance tubes.

PHED 105 -  Elementary Fencing  (1)  
(formerly PE 160)  

Introduces the history, safety, rules and etiquette of fencing. Teaches basic skills required to participate in a fencing match, as well as skills in directing and scoring a match.

PHED 110 -  Volleyball  (1)  
(formerly PE 165)  

Includes orientation, instruction and participation in specific skills, rules and etiquette of the sport.

PHED 115 -  Weight Training  (1)  
(formerly PE 166)  

Introduces the student to basic weight training techniques, training programs, and safety procedures.

PHED 122 -  Tennis  (1)  
(formerly PE 179)  

Introduces the basic skills of tennis, including the basic grips, forehand and backhand groundstrokes, volleys and serves; covers the rules and etiquette of the sport.

PHED 125 -  Golf  (1)  
(formerly PE 181)  

Introduces the basic skills of golf, including the grip, stance, addressing the ball, aiming, putting, chipping, pitching and the basic full swing; covers the rules and etiquette of the sport.

PHED 130 -  Snowboarding/Skiing  (1)  
(formerly PE 183)  

Introduces the regulations, safety and etiquette, and skills of snowboarding/skiing. The beginner student will learn skills required to safely traverse the beginner slopes. The intermediate and advanced students will learn enhanced techniques to improve their current skills levels. Students will be evaluated at the slopes and placed into the correct skill level. Additional fees paid at site.

PHED 133 -  Kickboxing  (1)  
(formerly PE 196)  

Provides basic fundamentals of Lethwei (Burmese Kickboxing). Basic principles, history, and styles and linguistics of the fighter will be covered. This course emphasizes safety for the student and the instructor. There will be no competitive fights or hard physical contact between students during this course. Mental and physical control as well as proper training etiquette will always be maintained.

PHED 135 -  Social Dance I  (1)  
(formerly PE 187)  

Provides instruction in the basic partner dance forms including such dances as the waltz, swing, two-step, cha-cha, polka and fox-trot. Other contemporary dances may be included.

PHED 136 -  Social Dance II  (1)  
Prerequisite: PHED 135 or PE 187 or permission of instructor  
(formerly PE 193)  

Social Dance II builds on the dance rhythms learned in Social Dance. The patterns to be learned will incorporate the body mechanics and technique that enable creation of body swing in the Waltz, and smoothness and polish in all the dances: Fox Trot, Swing, Cha-Cha, Rumba and Tango.

PHED 137 -  Yoga Basics  (1)  

Provides an integrated approach in understanding the basic fundamental principles of yoga while also providing a weekly physical experiential yoga practice.

PHED 138 -  Tai Chi  (1)  
(formerly PE 195)  

Tai Chi is an unique and traditional Chinese exercise. The benefits of practice include strengthening health, preventing illness, and slowing the effects of aging. The class is designed to provide students with a basic knowledge and history of Tai Chi, and to provide an opportunity to learn and master Tai Chi skills.

PHED 140 -  Fitness  (1)  
(formerly PE 198)  

Engages students in full body exercises to improve fitness. Course will strive to dramatically change participant's level of activity, muscle tone and strength. Students will be able to integrate research to understand the effectiveness of exercise, and plan and implement exercise programs.

PHED 140A -  Fitness: Boot Camp  (1)  
(formerly PE 198A)  

Engages students in full body exercises, especially utilizing body weight. The course strives to dramatically increase the participant's level of muscular activity to affect positive changes in fitness levels. It also integrates fitness research with practical application for understanding the effectiveness of exercise.

PHED 140B -  Fitness: Dance Rhythms Vibz  (1)  

Offers a combination of dance, cardio, HIIT, body weight training, and boxing in a pre-choreographed class. It is a mixed fitness group exercise workout that utilizes worldwide rhythms. Take a trip around the world and sweat your way through this athletic, empowering, and fun workout with an Afro feel.

PHED 140C -  Fitness: Zumba  (1)  
(formerly PE 198C)  

Zumba Fitness is a Latin-inspired, high-energy, cardio-dance workout that uses music and various easy-to-follow choreographed steps. Along with music styles such as Latin, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop, and other genres, Zumba incorporates interval training, alternating fast and slow rhythms, and resistance training.

PHED 143 -  Pilates  (1)  
(formerly PE 190)  

Introduces the history of Pilates and describes the physiological basis of exercises that promote core body strength. Includes demonstration and active student participation of Pilates movements.

PHED 145 -  Body Mechanics  (1)  
(formerly PE 108)  

Examines the application of physical laws to the human body at rest or in motion, including concepts of effective, efficient and aesthetic postures, both static and dynamic. Emphasizes joint motions, care of the back and components of fitness including body compositions, flexibility, strength, muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance.

PHED 148 -  Exercise Psychology  (1)  
(formerly PE 237)  

Introduces the psychological factors that affect exercise participation and performance.

PHED 150 -  Methods of Strength Training and Conditioning I  (1)  
(formerly PE 247)  

Designed for those who will be participating in an athletics training program focusing on strength and conditioning. Emphasizes enhancing performance in a sport.

PHED 152 -  Methods of Strength Training and Conditioning II  (1)  
Prerequisite: PHED 150 or permission of instructor  
(formerly PE 241)  

Continuation of PHED 150. Designed for those who will be participating in an athletics training program emphasizing strength and conditioning. Emphasizes enhancing sports performance.

PHED 155 -  Advanced Tai Chi - Cultural Perspective  (3)  
Cultural Competence  
(formerly HE 130)  

Introduces the traditional Chinese meditative exercise known as Tai Chi. While participating in the low intensity physical skills that comprise Tai Chi, students will be introduced to the culture, philosophy, history, and practice of the exercise.

PHED 165 -  Fitness for Living  (3)  
Gen Ed Wellness  
Prerequisites: ENGL 70 or ENGL 75 or (ESOL 72 and ESOL 73) or ESOL 100 OR Co-requisite: ENGL 75 or ESOL 100  
(formerly PE 154)  

Covers the components of physical fitness, stress, care of the back, nutrition and weight control. Evaluations in all areas included through laboratory experiences.

PHED 175 -  Coaching Principles  (3)  
Prerequisites: ENGL 70 or ENGL 75 or (ESOL 72 and ESOL 73) or ESOL 100  
(formerly PE 236)  

Provides student with the knowledge to become an effective coach. Foundational areas of coaching are presented, including coaching philosophy, sport psychology, sport pedagogy, sport physiology and sport management. Coaching certification is possible through the American Sports Education Program.

This course is only offered in the Spring.  
PHED 185 -  Yoga Practice and Fundamentals  (3)  
(formerly PE 188)  

Provides a holistic approach to understanding some of the fundamental principles and philosophies of yoga while also providing a weekly experiential Hatha (physical) practice.