Graphic Design (GRPH)

GRPH 105 -  Basic Darkroom to Digital Photography  (3)  
Gen Ed Arts  
Prerequisite: ENGL 70 or ENGL 75 or ESOL 72 or ESOL 100 or Co-requisite: ENGL 75 or ESOL 100  
(formerly CMM 105)  

Explores photography as a medium for artistic expression through analysis of photographic masterworks and other forms of visual art. Examines standards of professional photography and the means by which photographic works of artistic integrity are identified and comprehended. Presents basic principles of camera work in film and digital formats. Black & white and color printing techniques are also studied. For the beginning photographer.

GRPH 111 -  Graphic Design I  (3)  
Prerequisite: ENGL 70 or (ESOL 70 and ESOL 71) OR Prerequisites or Co-requisites: ENGL 75 or ESOL 100  
(formerly CMM 111)  

Prepares the student for the print graphic design field through the use of the computer as a tool. Introduces design vocabulary, methods, and technology through lecture, examples, and hands-on project work. Emphasizes Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign.

GRPH 112 -  Graphic Design II  (3)  
Prerequisite: GRPH 111  
(formerly CMM 112)  

Emphasizes solving a variety of design problems using the computer and contemporary graphics software. Includes real world design assignments to gain experience in dealing with clients, meetings, project management, cost effectiveness, and color printing prepress. Provides an overview of the historical and functional use of design. Emphasizes intermediate design skills using the industry standard Adobe Creative Suite.

GRPH 114 -  Web Design I  (3)  
Prerequisite: ENGL 70 or (ESOL 70 and ESOL 71) OR Prerequisites or Co-requisites: ENGL 75 or ESOL 100  
(formerly CMM 114)  

Presents beginning level design for the Internet. Taught from a design perspective. Students learn software, hardware, and design principles used to produce successful web sites. Assignments include the design and creation of web publications. Lectures cover the study and critique of contemporary web design. Emphasizes HTML, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, and website content management systems.

GRPH 212 -  Graphic Design III  (3)  
Prerequisite: GRPH 112  
(formerly CMM 212)  

Offers an advanced level approach to graphic design including the development of a well-rounded graphic design portfolio containing professional quality graphic design and illustration. Focuses on using current graphics software to generate print graphics such as corporate identity, advertising, collateral, and package designs. Emphasizes Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.

This course is only offered in the Spring.  
GRPH 214 -  Web Design II  (3)  
Pre-requisite: GRPH 114 or CMM 114  
(formerly CMM 214)  

Presents intermediate level web design using content management systems and web specific graphics. Students will design and produce interactive web sites consisting of client specific content, typography, graphics, animations, video, and sound. Emphasis on user interface design and web site planning. Instruction includes hands-on editing skills using HTML, CSS, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Adobe Photoshop.

This course is only offered in the Spring.  
GRPH 215 -  Professional and Transfer Portfolio  (1)  
Prerequisite: GRPH 112 or GRPH 212  
(formerly CMM 115)  

Designed for communications graphics students who are ready to transfer to a Bachelor's program, or are applying for an internship, or are seeking a job. Students will revise existing portfolios and design self-promotion materials including an effective resume and cover letter for the computer graphics profession.