Continuing Education Workforce Training Certificates

A Workforce Training Certificate credential is comprised of a non-credit course or series of courses that focus on the skills you need to succeed in a specific industry. It demonstrates to employers that you have studied a specific body of knowledge or mastered a practice or new technology. Frederick Community College awards Workforce Training Certificates to students who successfully complete all of the specified certificate requirements as stated below per program.

To be eligible to receive a Workforce Training Certificate, students must:

  1. Complete a course or series of courses identified as a Workforce Training Certificate program, as approved by the College.
  2. Complete courses on the basis of competency.

Please note:

  • No course substitutions are allowed.
  • Students can request approval to transfer up to 25% of total Certificate contact hours of prior learning from an accredited institution for some Workforce Training Certificates.
  • Workforce Training Certificates are issued each month.
  • Workforce Training Certificate recipients do not take part in commencement ceremonies, unless they have also completed a degree or certificate.

Non-credit courses. Fee structure for courses is subject to change. Consult the current Continuing Education class schedule located at Courses not eligible for federal financial aid.