Business Studies (BMGT)

BMGT 100 -  Spreadsheet Applications  (3)  
Prerequisite: ENGL 70 or (ESOL 70 and ESOL 71) OR Prerequisites or Co-requisites: ENGL 75 or ESOL 100  
(formerly CIS 111E & CMIS 111E)  

Covers the basic and intermediate features of a commercial spreadsheet software package. Students design a variety of worksheets and charts; create formulas and functions, work with a spreadsheet's database features; apply 'what if' techniques; and interchange data with other applications.

BMGT 103 -  Introduction to Business  (3)  
Prerequisites: ENGL 70 or ENGL 75 or (ESOL 72 and ESOL 73) or ESOL 100 OR Co-requisite: ENGL 75 or ESOL 100  
(formerly BU 103)  

Introduces the factors and forces that shape the dynamic world of business. Examines how leadership, communication, and teamwork are utilized by the best businesses to reach high levels of performance. Explores the functional areas of business (planning, management, finance, human resources, marketing) and how they interact to produce goods and services that impact customers.

BMGT 107 -  Business Mathematics  (3)  
(formerly BU 107)  

Applies mechanics of computation and fundamentals of problem solving in such practical applications as statistics, percentages, interest, partial payment, distributions, payroll, and graphs.

BMGT 109 -  Entrepreneurship and Small Business Enterprise  (3)  
Prerequisites: ENGL 70 or ENGL 75 or (ESOL 72 and ESOL 73) or ESOL 100 OR Co-requisite: ENGL 75 or ESOL 100  
(formerly BU 109)  

Surveys starting and successfully managing a small business focusing on aspects of entrepreneurship including information, operations, human resources, finance, marketing, and general administration.

BMGT 110 -  Personal Financial Management  (3)  
Prerequisites: ENGL 70 or ENGL 75 or (ESOL 72 and ESOL 73) or ESOL 100 OR Co-requisite: ENGL 75 or ESOL 100  
(formerly BU 110)  

Develops a comprehensive approach to managing personal finances including financial planning, budgeting, financing consumer purchases, risk management, investments, and retirement planning.

BMGT 120 -  Business Communications  (3)  
Prerequisites: ENGL 70 or ENGL 75 or (ESOL 72 and ESOL 73) or ESOL 100  
(formerly BU 273)  

Emphasizes the theory and practice of oral, written, and interpersonal communication used in the workplace. Focus is placed on writing business correspondence and reports, planning and delivering effective presentations, and developing teamwork and collaboration skills.

BMGT 140 -  Agricultural Business  (3)  
Prerequisites: ENGL 70 or ENGL 75 or (ESOL 72 and ESOL 73) or ESOL 100  
(formerly BU 140)  

Introduces the principles of management in modern agricultural business and farm production. Emphasizes small agricultural businesses including crops, livestock, agritourism, sustainable agriculture, small acreage operations, and high value agricultural enterprises (e.g., viticulture, organic produce, aquaculture). The course will cover marketing, operations, finance, and human resources, as well as general management issues in an agricultural business.

BMGT 211 -  Business Law  (3)  
Prerequisite or Co-requisite: ENGL 101  
(formerly BU 211)  

Defines the nature and development of law in the United States with a particular emphasis on how the law applies to businesses and how the law adapts and remains relevant in the face of constantly changing economic, political, social, and technological conditions. Students will describe and critique contracts, agency and employment, negotiable instruments, and sales.

BMGT 221 -  Public Relations  (3)  
Prerequisite or Co-requisite: BMGT 103  
(formerly BU 221)  

Examines the field of public relations, defined as a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. Explores the field's beginnings, identifies influential professionals throughout its history, and analyzes the theories behind its practices, whether in business, nonprofits, or government. Contrasts the differences between public relations and marketing, utilizing consumer and community relations techniques.

BMGT 223 -  Human Resource Management  (3)  
Prerequisite or Co-requisite: BMGT 103  
(formerly BU 223)  

Explores personnel administration procedures in business and government organizations. Includes study of work group labor management relations; recruitment, placement, training, and promotion of employees; work measurement and simplification; personnel records; wage and job classification; wage incentive systems; and fringe benefits.

BMGT 225 -  Marketing  (3)  
Prerequisite or Co-requisite: BMGT 103  
(formerly BU 225)  

Analyzes the marketing of goods, services, and organizations in a global economy. Develops a conceptual base for understanding the role of marketing in a business environment through activities and strategies employed by marketers. Explores major components of the marketing mix focusing on pricing, product, distribution, advertising, retailing, and wholesaling.

BMGT 227 -  Principles of Management  (3)  
Prerequisite or Co-requisite: BMGT 103  
(formerly BU 227)  

Reviews principles of management in business and other organizations. Emphasizes management functions including planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling, and coordinating. Explores the role leaders play in strategic planning, change management, innovation, decision making, and motivating employees/teams.

BMGT 274 -  Customer Relations  (3)  
Prerequisite or Co-requisite: BMGT 103  
(formerly BU 274)  

Examines the role of customer relations in business and emphasizes the theory and practice of developing, fostering, and managing relationships between the company and the customer. Focus is on practices that lead to customer loyalty and retention. Value equation applications and a systems approach to service excellence are introduced. Addresses building excellent customer relations into the mission of the company and committing to customer service as competitive advantage.

BMGT 275 -  Fundamentals of Leadership  (3)  
Prerequisite or Co-requisite: ENGL 101 or BMGT 120  
(formerly BU 275)  

Emphasizes the theory and practice of leadership skills in the workplace and evaluates styles of leadership. Emphasizes strategies for navigating change, leading with priorities in mind, managing conflict, giving and receiving constructive feedback, and visioning and goal setting.

BMGT 281 -  Global Awareness in the Work Environment  (3)  
Gen Ed Emerging Issues, Cultural Competence  
Prerequisite or Co-requisite: ENGL 101 or BMGT 120  
(formerly BU 281)  

Promotes awareness of cultural diversity in a workplace. Analyzes and adapts business culture and structure to global environments.

BMGT 290 -  Project Management  (3)  
Prerequisite or Co-requisite: CMIS 101  
(formerly BU 290)  

Examines concepts and practices of project management and their universal application to all types of organizations. Students will analyze the roles of the project manager and project team and utilize techniques for effective project planning, management, control, closeout, and evaluation.