Nutrition (NUTR)

NUTR 100 -  Nutrition Basics  (1)  
(formerly HE 110)  

Applies a basic knowledge of nutrition to enable the students to make good dietary decisions. Provides a basis for discerning healthy diets.

NUTR 102 -  Nutrition in a Changing World  (3)  
Gen Ed Wellness  
Prerequisites: ENGL 70 or ENGL 75 or (ESOL 72 and ESOL 73) or ESOL 100 OR Co-requisite: ENGL 75 or ESOL 100  
(formerly HE 102)  

Presents the basic principles of human nutrition with emphasis on the nutrients and factors that affect their use in the human body.

NUTR 200 -  Principles and Application of Nutrition  (3)  
Prerequisite: BSCI 100 or BSCI 150 or BI 101 or BSCI 201 or BI 103 or BSCI 107 or BI 117  
(formerly HE 200)  

Introduces the principles of nutrition for the maintenance of good health throughout the life-cycle. Applications of nutritional principles are presented via the connection between diet and the prevention and treatment of disease. Investigates the socioeconomic, ecological and political factors that shape national nutritional policy and ultimately affect personal health.