Early Childhood Development Certificate (Career)

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Program Manager: Delaine Welch
Email: dwelch@frederick.edu
Phone: 301.846.2559

Program Description

Prepares students to work in child care centers, Head Start programs, nursery schools, or for self employment as family child care providers or nannies by offering specialized courses in early childhood. It also provides core early childhood courses to professionals who are currently working in the early childhood field. Courses fulfill the educational requirements for senior staff, group leader, director of a small center and also meet the Maryland child care credential and state requirements.

A grade of “C” or better must be earned in all EDUC and ECED courses.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Identify, apply and discuss major concepts, principles and theories related to child development by completing one or more papers and projects based on observation of children.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of developmentally appropriate curriculum and materials for infancy to eight years old through creating and presenting lesson plans.
  • Demonstrate characteristics of future teachers by behaving professionally at events and experiences both on and off campus, utilizing college-level skills in course assignments, etc.
  • Synthesize knowledge of the fundamentals and practices of early childhood development through a Directed Practicum/Internship experience.
  • Communicate appropriate guidance and behavior modification techniques and theories through case studies and observations.
  • Explain, identify and discuss duties of administrators of child care settings through one or more papers and projects.
  • Generate resources on appropriate children’s literature based on in depth review.
  • Explain and identify the major theories, historical roots and theorists in the field of early childhood.

Program Requirements

  • Students must earn a grade of “C” or better in all EDUC and ECED courses in the Early Childhood Development Certificate program.
Departmental Requirements
ECED 105Introduction to Early Childhood Education3
ECED 125Methods and Materials in Early Childhood3
ECED 135Infants & Toddlers Development and Care (Fall)3
ECED 145Child Health, Safety and Nutrition (Fall)3
ECED 155Activities for the School-Age Child (Fall)3
ECED 245Directed Practicum in Early Childhood3
or INTR 103 Internship
ECED 205Administration of Child Development Centers (Spring)3
ECED 215Understanding and Guiding the Young Child's Behavior (Spring)3
ECED 225Language & Literacy Development in Early Childhood (Spring)3
ECED 101Child Development & Behavior3
EDUC 230Foundations of Special Education3
or ECED 110 Early Childhood Special Education
Total Credits33

Transfer Note

For more information on careers and transfer, contact the Career and Academic Planning Services office at 301.846.2471 or visit Transfer Services.

Guided Pathway to Success (GPS)

Suggested schedules map your path to degree completion.

Students should meet with an advisor each semester to carefully select and sequence courses based on their specific academic goals and interests. Visit Jefferson Hall or call 301.846.2471 for advising.

Plan of Study Grid
Recommended First SemesterCredits
ECED 101 Child Development & Behavior 3
ECED 125 Methods and Materials in Early Childhood 3
ECED 135 Infants & Toddlers Development and Care (Fall) 3
ECED 155 Activities for the School-Age Child (Fall) 3
Upon completion of the first semester coursework, students are eligible to receive the Letter of Recognition in Early Childhood and the Letter of Recognition in Child Care Preschool Teacher.  
Recommended Second Semester
ECED 105 Introduction to Early Childhood Education 3
ECED 205 Administration of Child Development Centers (Spring) 3
ECED 215 Understanding and Guiding the Young Child's Behavior (Spring) 3
ECED 225 Language & Literacy Development in Early Childhood (Spring) 3
Recommended Third Semester
EDUC 230
Foundations of Special Education
or Early Childhood Special Education
Select one of the following: 3
Directed Practicum in Early Childhood 1  
ECED 145 Child Health, Safety and Nutrition (Fall) 3
 Total Credits33

Prerequisite: EDUC 230 Foundations of Special Education

Part-time Students

Part-time students should complete courses in the order listed on the pathway. Please contact program manager for questions about part-time status.

Students who take fewer than 15 credits each semester or who require developmental English or Math coursework will need additional semesters to complete their degrees. Summer term and January session classes may help students to make faster progress.

Pathway Legend

Milestone - courses with the Milestone notation should be taken within the recommend credit range to stay on track for program completion.

Fall, Spring, Summer - courses with a Fall, Spring, or Summer notation indicate the course is offered in the specified semester only.