Early Childhood Development A.A.S. (Career)

Program website

Program Manager: Delaine Welch
Email: dwelch@frederick.edu
Phone: 301.846.2559

Program Description

Prepares students to work in child care centers, Head Start programs, nursery schools, and for self employment as family child care providers or nannies. Program courses fulfill the educational requirements for senior staff, group leader, and director and also meet the Maryland child care credential and state requirements. A grade of “C” or better must be earned in all EDUC and ECED courses.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Identify, apply and discuss major concepts, principles and theories related to child development by completing one or more papers and projects based on observation of children.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of developmentally appropriate curriculum and materials for infancy to eight years old through creating and presenting lesson plans.
  • Demonstrate characteristics of future teachers by behaving professionally at events and experiences both on and off campus, utilizing college-level skills in course assignments, etc.
  • Synthesize their knowledge of the fundamentals and practices of early childhood development through a directed practicum/internship experience.
  • Communicate appropriate guidance and behavior modification techniques and theories through case studies and observations.
  • Explain, identify and discuss duties of administrators of child care settings through one or more papers and projects.
  • Generate resources on appropriate children’s literature based on in-depth review.
  • Explain and identify the major theories, historical roots and theorists in the field of early childhood education by completing one or more projects and papers.
  • Develop a broader knowledge base by successfully completing coursework in general education courses.