Audio Production Certificate (Career)

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Program Manager: Dr. Todd Campbell
Phone: 301.624.2844

Program Description

Prepares the core skills needed to function in and prepare students for entry into the growing audio production profession. Audio production requires creative problem-solving rooted in a strong conceptual and practical foundation. In hands-on classes, students explore the concepts, tools, and techniques of the audio industry using hardware and software they will encounter in the workplace.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate command in the operation of industry standard hardware and software.
  • Assimilate the responsibilities and standards associated with the professional audio industry by participating in an internship.
  • Research and execute music productions in a variety of genres.
  • Develop effective problem solving and critical thinking through the application of fundamental acoustic principles.
  • Plan and execute music productions that reflect an awareness of current industry aesthetic values and quality standards.
  • Evaluate music productions using the fundamental principles of aural and written music theory.