Teaching, Learning and Student Success

Anne Davis (2023)
Provost and Vice President of Teaching, Learning and Student Success
B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. M.S., Cornell University. D.M., University of Maryland Global Campus

Brenda Flores (2020)
Interim Executive Associate to the Provost and VP of TLSS
A.S., Frederick Community College

Center for Teaching & Learning

Sheri Bailey (2004)
Office Manager, Learning Commons
A.A., Frederick Community College

Carrie Dorman (2019)
Instructional Technology Training Specialist
B.S., University of Maryland University College

Ruth Flores (2019)
Office Manager, Center for Teaching and Learning
B.S., Bowie State University

Daniel Gallaher (2017)
Information Literacy Librarian
A.A., Frederick Community College. B.A., University of Maryland University College. M.L.S., University of Maryland, College Park

Reynea "Patty" Hude (2020)
Learning and Information Literacy Specialist
M.S., The Catholic University of America

Kimberly Jacob (2006)
Academic Office Manager
A.A., Baltimore City Community College

Whitney Jones (2020)
Academic Testing Assistant

Janet Kalinowski (2020)
Circulation and Desk Manager
B.A., The National University of Ireland, Maynooth. M.A., Hood College

Colleen McKnight (2011)
Director, Library Services
B.A., Otterbein University. M.L.S., University of Maryland, College Park

Rebecca Montgomery (2017)
Digital Resources Librarian
B.A., Morgan State University. M.L.S., University of Maryland, College Park

Brian Penko (2017)
STEM Learning Center Coordinator
A.A.S., Frederick Community College. B.S., Hood College

Alesha Rosen (2013)
Director, Testing Center Services
B.S., Towson University. M.Ed., George Mason University

Amanda Schrider (2018)
Office Manager, Testing Center
B.A., Ave Maria University

Courtney Sloan (2016)
Director of Learning Center Services
B.S., J.D., Louisiana State University

Charles Small III (2017)
Academic Testing Assistant

Douglas Valentine (2017)
Instructional Designer
A.A., Frederick Community College. B.A., Mt. Sierra College. M.S., Southern New Hampshire University

Continuing Education & Workforce Development

Margaret "Molly" Carlson (2015)
Associate Vice President for Continuing Education and Workforce Development
B.S., Illinois State University. M.S., Northwestern University. Ph.D., University of Wisconsin

Kelli Ackiewicz (2016)
Program Manager, Community Education
B.S., Pennsylvania State University

Omotola Ahanobi (2022)
Administrative Associate II
M.P.A., Southwest Missouri State

Gustavo Barbosa (2022)
Adult Education and ESOL Program Coordinator
A.S., Hagerstown Community College

Cheryl Beard (2019)
Adult Education Language Lab and Family Literacy Coordinator
B.S., Waynesburg College

Chiuwah "Eran" Bosaz (2020)
Office Manager, Continuing Ed and Workforce Development
A.A., Hutchinson Community College. B.S., University of Kansas

Caitlin Brandenburg (2019)
Business Solutions & Strategic Initiatives Manager
B.S., University of Maryland Eastern Shore. M.B.A., Mount St. Mary's University

Jennifer Dennis (2022)
ESL Instructional Specialist
B.A., Laguna College of Art & Design. M.A., Northern Arizona University

Elizabeth DeRose (2016)
Institute Manager, Hospitality, Culinary & Tourism
A.O.S., Culinary Institute of America. B.S., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Mary Evans (2016)
Instructional Specialist, Culinary
A.O.S., Culinary Institute of America

Stephen Ferguson (2017)
Intake & Assessment Specialist, Adult Education
M.B.A., Mount St. Mary's University

Kathleen "Kathi" Groover (2014)
Program Manager, Career and Technical Training
B.S., Lynchburg College. Ph.D., Duke University

Cheryl Henman (1993)
Administrative Associate II, Community Education
A.A., Frederick Community College

Heather Hinkle (2017)
Program Manager, Youth and Thrive
B.A., Gettysburg College. M.Ed., University of Maryland, Eastern Shore

Julia Hunter (2021)
Adult Education & ESOL Transition Specialist
B.S., University of Delaware

Maggie Krzywicki (2016)
Administrative Associate II, Community Education
B.S., Shepherd University

Ysabell Lopez-Alvarez (2018)
Adult Education and ESL Administrative Associate
B.A., Strayer University

Charles LoSchiavo (2013)
Program Manager, Construction and Applied Technologies Institute

Hope "Danielle" Manley (2021)
Administrative Associate II, Workforce Training
A.S., Northwestern Connecticut Community College

Lama Masri (2021)
ESOL Program Manager
M.A., American University

Abigail Matos-Martinez (2018)
Administrative Associate II, Adult Education & ESL

Katherine Miller (2017)
Coordinator, CEWD Operations
B.A., Shippensburg University

Irene Nemitsas (2017)
Program Coordinator, Workforce Education
B.S., Syracuse University. M.P.A., University of Colorado, Denver

Caleb Shank (2021)
ABE/ASE Instructional Specialist, Adult Education
B.A., Shippensburg University

Lauren Standifer (2014)
Program Coordinator, Community Education
B.S., University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Brenda Steele (2012)
Assistant Director, CEWD Operations
A.A., Frederick Community College. B.B.A., Hood College. M.S., University of Maryland University College

Shela Stewart (2015)
Administrative Associate II, CEWD Credit Programs
A.A.S., Tarrant County Junior College. B.B.A., Texas Wesleyan University

J "Jennifer" Szabo (2022)
Director for Adult Education & ESOL
B.A., University of Maryland, College Park. M.S., Shenandoah University

Michelle Wichman (2010)
Adult Education Intake/Assessment Specialist
B.A., Wartburg College

Elise Wendland (2022)
HCTI Lab Manager
B.A., University of South Florida

Kelanie Yordy (2022)
Program Manager, Allied Health
A.A.S., B.S., Penn State University. M.Ed., Concordia University St. Paul

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Thanh Thanh Saint-Johns (2011)
Office Associate II, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
B.A., Bang Tot Nghiep Dai Hoc University

Dual Enrollment

Elizabeth Duffy (2013)
Executive Director for Dual Enrollment
B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania. M.Ed., Frostburg State University

Andrew McClain (2012)
Dual Enrollment and Early College Coordinator
A.A.S., Frederick Community College. B.A., University of Maryland Global Campus

Health, Business, Technology & Science

Sandra "Sandy" McCombe Waller (2019)
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs/Dean of Health, Business, Technology & Science
B.S., University of Maryland. M.S., Johns Hopkins University. Ph.D., University of Maryland

Renee Davis (2016)
Assistant Dean, Health, Business, Technology & Science
B.S., M.B.A., Ed.D., University of Phoenix

Ann Geyer (2009)
Academic Office Manager
B.A., Gustavus Adolphus College

Jeffrey Hawk (2019)
Director of Health Science Technology and Compliance
M.Ed., M.B.A., University of Maryland University College. M.P.T., University of Maryland, Baltimore

Kimberly Manley (2022)
Office Manager, HBTS
B.S., Westminster College

Carla Milan (2015)
Internship & Apprenticeship Coordinator
B.S., Western New England College

Brieanna Rentz (2021)
Health Science Lab Technician
A.A.S., Frederick Community College

Abigail Sines (2022)
Admissions Coordinator, Health Sciences
B.A., University of Maryland

Health, Business, Technology & Science - Computing & Business Technology

Karen Wilson (2008)
Department Chair - Computing & Business Technology; Assistant Professor, Program Manager, Business Studies
B.S., University of Maryland Baltimore. M.S., Kennedy-Western University. M.B.A., Western Governors University. Ph.D., Warren National University

Doree "Doree Lynn" Miles (2011)
Academic Office Manager
A.A., Montgomery College. B.A., University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Matthew Miles (2018)
Cybersecurity IT Technician
B.S., Shepherd University

Health, Business, Technology & Science - Health Science

Amelia Iams (2020)
Director of Physical Therapy Assistant Education
M.P.T., D.P.T., Shenandoah University

Earl "Dex" Mantheiy (2022)
Academic Office Manager
B.A., State University of New York at New Paltz

Michele Miller (2018)
Nursing Skills Lab Assistant
B.S., Salisbury University

Kyla Newbould (2020)
Director of Nursing Education
M.S., University of Maryland, Baltimore

Crystal Shea (2017)
Director of Surgical Technology
A.A.S., Frederick Community College

Lanette Shockey (2021)
Director of Respiratory Care
A.S., B.S., University of Pittsburgh. M.B.A., Frostburg University

Jessica "Jessi" Watson (2022)
Surgical Technology Clinical Coordinator
A.A., Frederick Community College

Health, Business, Technology & Science - Science

Teresa Calzonetti (2014)
Department Chair - Science; Professor, Biology, Biology
B.S., Ph.D., University of Toronto

Emily Boward (2014)
Science Lab Manager
A.S., Hagerstown Community College. B.A., M.S., Hood College

Alma Diggs (1990)
Science Laboratory Technician

Liliia Kril (2022)
Science Lab Technician I

Kara LeClair (2022)
Science Lab Technician II
B.S., University of Maryland

Sharon Smith (1980)
Academic Office Manager

Liberal Arts

Brian Stipelman (2016)
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs/Dean of Liberal Arts
B.A., Bowdoin College. Ph.D., Rutgers University

Erin Peterson (2000)
Assistant Dean, Curriculum Systems and Scheduling
B.A., Washington College. M.B.A., Mount St. Mary’s University

Kristi Waters (2007)
Office Manager, Liberal Arts
B.A., University of Maryland. M.S., Kansas State University

Liberal Arts - Communication, Arts & Languages

Kathy Brooks (2008)
Department Chair - Communication, Arts & Languages; Professor, Program Manager, Communication
B.A., University of Maryland, Baltimore County. M.S., Morgan State University. Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University

Amy Mabey (2022)
Academic Office Manager
B.A., The Ohio State University

Samuel Martin (2015)
Art Studio Manager
B.A., Bloomsburg University. M.F.A., University of New Mexico

David Norman (2010)
Senior Theater Technician
B.S., Minnesota State University, Mankato

Tabetha White (2022)
Arts Center Director
B.F.A., West Virginia University

Liberal Arts - English & Humanities

Anne Hofmann (2013)
Department Chair - English & Humanities; Professor, English
B.A., Miami University. M.Ed., George Washington University. M.A., University of Texas at San Antonio

Valerie Fox (2021)
Academic Office Manager
A.A., Frederick Community College. B.A., Salisbury University

Liberal Arts - Mathematics

Kylena Cross (2011)
Department Chair - Mathematics; Associate Professor, Mathematics, Mathematics
B.S., University of Maryland, College Park. M.S., Johns Hopkins University

Darrin Berkley (2020)
Success Outreach Retention Coordinator
Ph.D., Morgan State University

Jeanne Nesbitt (2009)
Academic Office Manager
B.S., Youngstown State University

Liberal Arts - Social Sciences and Education

Delaine Welch (1996)
Department Chair - Social Sciences and Education; Associate Professor, Program Manager, Early Childhood
B.S., Salisbury State University. M.A., Bowie State University

Julian "Julie" Horton
Education Program Coordinator
B.A., Southwestern University. M.M., Northwestern University. Ph.D., New Mexico University

Nicole Welch (2013)
Academic Office Manager
B.S., Mount St. Mary's University

MACEM & Public Safety

Kathy Francis (2009)
Executive Director, MACEM and Public Safety
B.A., Columbia College. M.S., Johns Hopkins University

Stephen Carter (2014)
Special Projects Manager, Emergency Management Program
B.A., Thiel College. M.S., University of Maryland University College

Diana "Didi" Culp (2016)
MACEM & Public Safety Program Manager
B.A., Hiram College. M.A., Marymount University

Jason Deater (2022)
Program Manager, First Responder MACEM and Police Science
B.A., American Public University System

Lauren Dods (2015)
Office Manager, MACEM and Public Safety
B.A., Hood College. M.S., University of Maryland Global Campus

Julie Hoyle (2014)
Academic Office Manager, MACEM & Public Safety
B.S., University of Maryland, College Park

Alan Lyons (2018)
Instructional Specialist, MACEM
B.A., McDaniel College

Joseph Rafter (2020)
Emergency Management Instructional & Technical Designer
B.A., Wilson College. M.Ed., Frostburg State University

Colleen Schupp (2020)
Administrative Associate II
M.B.A., Johns Hopkins University

Constance "Candy" Turano (2018)
Instructional Generalist
B.S., Mansfield University

Holly Weedon (2022)
FEMA Program Coordinator
B.S., University of Maryland, Baltimore County