Hospitality Management Certificate (Career)

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Program Manager: Elizabeth DeRose
Phone: 301.846.2404

Program Description

Prepares students for entry-level positions in the hospitality industry. Courses teach knowledge and marketable skills in the area of guest services, hospitality operations, budget and cost controls, management, marketing and human resources. Students will complete a 240-hour practicum (internship) experience. Students will earn several industry certifications such as Serv Safe Food Manager® and Certified Guest Service Professional®, among others.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Calculate and/or adjust recipe yields, ingredient and recipe costs, and menu cost using at least two different pricing methods, considering fixed and labor costs.
  • Analyze the nutritional composition of a recipe and be able to modify and prepare dishes meeting recognized nutritional guidelines.
  • Pass the NRAEF Food Protection Managers ServSafe™ examination and demonstrate industry standards in sanitation, safety, and personal hygiene.
  • Exhibit interpersonal skills and respect in the treatment of colleagues and patrons.
  • Exhibit knowledge of traditional management theory, leadership and supervisory roles in hospitality.

Program Requirements

Departmental Requirements
BMGT 103Introduction to Business3
BMGT 225Marketing3
BMGT 227Principles of Management3
HCTI 101Sanitation and Food Safety2
HCTI 150Introduction to Hospitality Management3
HCTI 155Event Management3
HCTI 160Hospitality Operations3
HCTI 170Introduction to the Tourism Industry3
HCTI 220Food and Beverage Operations3
HCTI 230Restaurant Production and Service4
HCTI 255Applied Hospitality Management3
HCTI 265HCTI Practicum1
Total Credits34

Transfer Note

For more information on careers and transfer, contact the Career and Academic Planning Services office at 301.846.2471 or visit Transfer Services.

Guided Pathway to Success (GPS)

Suggested schedules map your path to degree completion.

Students should meet with an advisor each semester to carefully select and sequence courses based on their specific academic goals and interests. Visit Jefferson Hall or call 301.846.2471 for advising.

Plan of Study Grid
Recommended First SemesterCredits
HCTI 101 Sanitation and Food Safety 2
HCTI 150 Introduction to Hospitality Management (7 1/2 week course) (Milestone) 1 3
HCTI 160 Hospitality Operations (7 1/2 week course) 1 3
BMGT 103 Introduction to Business 3
Recommended Second Semester
HCTI 155 Event Management (7 1/2 week course) 1 3
HCTI 220 Food and Beverage Operations (7 1/2 week course) (Milestone) 1 3
BMGT 225 Marketing 3
BMGT 227 Principles of Management 3
Recommended Third Semester
HCTI 170 Introduction to the Tourism Industry (7 1/2 week course) 1 3
HCTI 230 Restaurant Production and Service 4
HCTI 255 Applied Hospitality Management (7 1/2 week course) 1 3
HCTI 265 HCTI Practicum 2 1
 Total Credits34

Denotes courses that run for 7 1/2 weeks. When two 7 1/2 week courses are listed in the same semester, one is taken the 1st 7 1/2 weeks, the other is taken the 2nd 7 1/2 weeks – they are not taken at the same time.


HCTI Practicum is a work-based internship requiring a minimum of 240 hours to be completed any time after the 2nd semester.

Part-time Students

Part-time students should complete courses in the order listed on the pathway. Please contact program manager for questions about part-time status.

Students who take fewer than 15 credits each semester or who require developmental English or Math coursework will need additional semesters to complete their degrees. Summer term and January session classes may help students to make faster progress.

Pathway Legend

Milestone - courses with the Milestone notation should be taken within the recommend credit range to stay on track for program completion.

Fall, Spring, Summer - courses with a Fall, Spring, or Summer notation indicate the course is offered in the specified semester only.