Music Area of Concentration within Arts and Humanities A.A. (Transfer)

Program website

Program Manager: Dr. Michael Gersten
Phone: 301.846.2566

Program Description

Offers students concentrated training in music theory and practical application to prepare them for acceptance and transfer into 4-year music degree programs, to obtain an Associate of Arts degree, or to pursue individual musical directions.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Perform as a soloist in a manner that is both musically expressive and technically proficient.
  • Interpret a variety of styles, periods and genres according to recognized standards of performance practice.
  • Perform in collaboration with other musicians, using appropriate performance and stage presence techniques.
  • Demonstrate keyboard proficiency, including mastery of scales, triads, chord progressions, and figured bass.
  • Sing tonal melodies that contain chromatic writing, modulations, and differentiated rhythmic values.
  • Transcribe from an aural source material of intermediate melodic, harmonic and rhythmic complexity.
  • Master current music software programs, including ability to compose or arrange music.