Health, Business, Technology & Science

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs/Dean of Health, Business, Technology, and Science: Dr. Sandra McCombe Waller

Health Science

  • Coaching Letter of Recognition
  • Exercise Science Area of Concentration
  • Fitness/Personal Trainer Certificate
  • Health and Exercise Sciences Area of Concentration - pending suspension
  • Health Sciences A.S. Degree
  • Healthcare Practice Management Certificate
  • Medical Administrative Specialist Certificate
  • Medical Assistant A.A.S. Degree
  • Medical Assistant Certificate
  • Medical Scribe Letter of Recognition
  • Nursing A.S. Degree
  • Phlebotomist Certificate
  • Physical Therapist Assistant A.A.S. Degree
  • Practical Nursing Certificate - suspended
  • Pre-Health Professions Area of Concentration
  • Public Health Science Area of Concentration
  • Respiratory Care A.A.S. Degree
  • Surgical Technology A.A.S. Degree
  • Tactical Strength and Conditioning Certificate

Computing & Business Technology

Chair: Dr. Karen Wilson (301.624.2848)

  • Access to Justice Letter of Recognition
  • Accounting A.A.S. Degree
  • Accounting Letter of Recognition
  • Agricultural Business Basics Letter of Recognition
  • Business Accounting Certificate
  • Business Administration A.A. Degree
  • Business Basics Letter of Recognition
  • Business Management A.A.S. Degree
  • Business Management Certificate
  • Cloud Computing Certificate
  • Computer Animation Certificate - suspended
  • Computer Science A.S. Degree
  • Computer Science Studies Certificate
  • Computer Studies Certificate
  • Computer Support Specialist Certificate
  • Computerized Accounting Certificate
  • CPA Exam Qualification Certificate
  • Cybersecurity Area of Concentration
  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Start-Up Certificate
  • Game and Simulation Development A.A.S. Degree - suspended
  • Game Programming Certificate
  • Information Security and Assurance Certificate
  • Information Technology Specialist Area of Concentration
  • Network Engineering Area of Concentration - suspended
  • Paralegal A.A.S. Degree
  • Paralegal Certificate
  • Project Management Certificate
  • Retail Management Certificate - pending discontinuation
  • Social Media Management Certificate - pending discontinuation
  • Software Engineering Area of Concentration
  • STEM Technology A.A.S. Degree


Chair: Patricia Sheppard (301.846.2577)

  • Biology Area of Concentration
  • Biotechnology A.A.S. Degree
  • Biotechnology Certificate - pending discontinuation
  • Cell and Gene Therapy Essentials Certificate
  • Cell Therapy and Flow Cytometry Letter of Recognition
  • Chemistry Area of Concentration
  • Engineering Area of Concentration
  • STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics A.S. Degree